Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Good Things

My good mood & positive approach to life still hasn't vanished. Wow! O_O Must be a severe Good Mood Syndrome (GMS) or some Accute Positivism Disease (APD). Hahahah. :P
I shall ignore my itchy eyes & tired yawns and list some things causing GMS & APD. It's worth mentioning, OK?! Ha!

Reasons for GMS & APD:

  • I've watched the equestrian Samsung Super League in Aachen (Germany) & seeing all those beautiful horses, the snobbish sophisticated athmosphere & the skillful riders made me feel all nostalgic, happy and (WTP!!!) thinking of prince William with sexai almost-horse-like teeth. *giggles* XD
    Poor William. *pats his S-like cheeks gently*
    *No, no darling, your teeth aren't too horse-like, Camilla wins 6000x over you, okay? Okay, sweetheart????*

  • Thinking of S & imagining the heaps of emmbarrasing situations considering me & him. Believe me, laughing at one's own anal-ism is the best therapy. XD

  • Thinking of S AND managing to convince myself, that in the world with justice we MUST date each other one day cuz it's not acceptable for him to date that blonde *ahem* while I'm agonizing over him since my 12 yrs.

    Later I'll be dying of depression if it (dating each other) won't happen - what's 99,9% possible - but for the time being it's nice to lie to myself. Heh.

  • Realizing that I'm actually quite cantik, ain't I? Haha!! :D It has its negative sides though, today one worker asked me for my cellphone number. -.-'''

  • I'm a profi at dying hair already!!!! :D

  • Teresa & Chris still haven't replied, but I've agreed with myself & with both my schizo personalities that life is not a fairy tale & breaking up with R was a good idea preventing us both from a loooonggg and annoying suffering.
    Man, I wish. *sob* u_u XD

  • Actually I'm as free as I had the time for occupying myself with "The-Best-Man-For-Me" thingee.

    Duckies, MY best man whom I'm able to love eternally should be either S or a Korean raised in Europe (I'm so discriminating) & he must be intelligent, independant, loving, caring, a gentleman, non-smoker, understanding, funny & a bit crazy. Oh & he should know how to cook, I give LOTS of plus points for breakfasts to bed & so on.

    I want too much, such men DON'T exist. Hmpf!

  • This talking about guys is very nice. It's SO healthy. Hahahaha!

  • Ellen! I'm happy to know her! ^_^

  • Pom is crazy, he emailed me & his email was starting with "Dear wife". I know, it's stupid, but it made me smile, cuz how many times in your life a friend calls you like this? :D Hahaha!! :D So sweet. ^^

  • The walk at S's place was great. ^_^ I love it there. Next time I'll take cam & take pics and post it here! :D

  • Ryu's voice. ^^ I LOVE the Winter Sonata OST. I've stopped re-watching it's from R & it reminds me too much of him & the plot reminds me too much of me & R & S.

  • New pants!!!! Green & great!


Listening to: "My Memory", piano version from the Winter Sonata OST. Koreans LOVE the piano. My future Korean boyfriend should play it too, that'll be very romantic. :P
Yay!: After I wear out my lenses & clean my skin, I'll fly to the dreamland. ^^
Grrr: Must wake up at 6.25am tmr. =_= OH NO.

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Anneesa said...

LOL. You are funny ducky. Lets try finding a real man? Yes, koreans are real but they are not reachable. LOL.