Thursday, May 25, 2006


Recently (today or yesterday) R has emailed to my mother AND he hasn't emailed to me.
He has written there things about returning the money we gave him for the airtic, he has thanked for being here & he has included a pic of himself & his family (I haven't looked at it) at Pulau Bidong & blahblah.

If madre hasn't told me about that email, I wouldn't even know.

I wonder WTF is this about.

Yeah, yeah, "let's fuck out of each other's life for good", YEAH! Where's that? It was him who said that to me and... Why is he emailing to my mother now? And attaching a pic?

Madre said that it's weird of him to email only her & not me and that it seems as if he were asslicking her - that's our Slovak expression for someone trying to gain sympathy (or money. good grades, etc..) without really meaning it sincerely and it's done by a really unusually nice behaviour.

If he wants to be in touch with me, okay, so be it. But then he fucking has to email ME & not my mother!!!!

And by the way, neither Teresa or Chris have replied to my email & Teresa hasn't talked to me even though she was online. But at least they haven't deleted me from Friendster, right?

No comment.

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