Sunday, May 28, 2006

THE Habits Vol. 2

9 minutes to midnight & instead of studying Biology I'm doing nothing.
Well, I've eaten pizza, went out with Haku (and found where S lives!!!!!!!), ate gulash soup, read one book by Agatha Christie, started another Agatha Christie book, talked to hubooby, Teresa & Chris (!!!!!!!!!) and last but not least talked to Kuci for 1.44hrs.

Procrastination is the worst disease.

Can't anyone invent a mediine for it?! ._.

Well, still it was a good day..

Teresa & Chris are talking to me & we're friends like before. ^___^ Also they're saying that R is well for what I'm glad. Good boy. Be well. And stop telling Teresa that she's a shitty driver just cuz she's a woman! *shakes fists* ^_~

As I've mentioned, I've found where S lives. I know I sound like a crazy stalker but nah, I hope I'm not that mad!!!!! O_o The house where he (most probably) lives is so cozy & the time of me peeking at it he was home cuz his silver Fiat was there.
I envy that his gf.
It must be so kool to be there with him!!!!!
Hah anyways, if we will move to those Vila Koliba, we'll become neighbours but WTF, he'll still be unattainable. I swear that if we'll date one day, I'll start to believe in fairies, mermaids, Jesus Christ, Allah, Vishnu & Santa Claus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The worst thing is that he's no near, yet so far. *sigh*

Well, whatever, at least I have my personal Korean drama. :P

Oh gosh. Midnight now, I think I should go make myself a strong black tea & start studying that Biology. =_=

Listening to: MTV Live Coldplay. They're so depressing!!! Aaaaarhhh!!!
Yay!: We have an exhibition of our artworks at art course tmr at 6pm. ^^
Grrr: That Bio test...sighhhhhhh~~~~ =_=

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