Sunday, May 28, 2006

THE Habits!!

It's 2.44am & what am I doing?!

Reading Kenny Sia's old entries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Listening to Lee Seung Chul at KBS Radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thinking of S & BYJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why, oh why did I have to drink that Kofola few hours ago? T_T Too much caffeine, now I can't drag myself to feeling sleepy. Maybe if I started reading the school history book.... Hihi..

Baibee & Seb, thanks for nice, long & lovely chats today. ^_^ I LOVE YA!!! *hugs*

OK. Off to bed I go. It's raining, man! If listening to the boringly beautiful raindrops won't make me sleepy, then nothing, not even listening to someone talking about law, economy or politics.

Listening to: "Count To Ten" by Lee Seung Chul. I LOVE his sentimental beautiful ballads. Typically Korean, Typically wonderful. ^____^
Yay!: Lazy to write....
Grrr: It's 2.49am & as I said I'm lazy to write liao.....


Ilkka said...

Thanks for yourself for the cool chat yesterday!!! ^^
But don´t you remember your new year resolve anymore?? The one from your Dimsumlife-blog:
"In the year 2006 I resolve to:
Not strip for free anymore."
Quack on!!!

Princess Mich said...


Ooooohhh baibee, I now....PAY ME!!!! XDDDDDD

Ilkka said...

Wooopss... How much? What if I don´t have enough money? Maybe I should just strip for you instead!
*shakes his feathers* XDDD