Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Meme

I've found it at the nice Potatomus Maximus blog & decided to try it too. I hope I could!

I AM: The future Communication Designer! *big grin*

I WANT: To pay back my parents & grandma & uncle for all they've done for me.

I WISH: I wish....I wish...I wish I knew what was before the Big Bang.

I HATE: Fake people.

I MISS: The summer in Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand.

I FEAR: That I don't achieve what I want.

I HEAR: That I'm individualistic & sarcastic. I AGREE.

I WONDER: Why does the heart hurt when we're in emotional pain, even though the centre of emotions is in the brain & not in the heart.

I REGRET: Not going to the Súkromná stredná umelecká škola (Private high school of art) with beautiful design courses...

I AM NOT: The strong emotion-less asshole I may seem to be.

I DANCE: When I feel happy!

I SING: When I'm happy as well!

I CRY: More often than you think.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: As indifferent to you as I look.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Photos, paintings, poems, drawings & caresses.

I WRITE: This pointless blog, English essays, poems & idiotic notes in the school!!!!

I CONFUSE: Everyone but especially myself & my boyfriend.

I NEED: To feel free & loved.

I SHOULD: Draw/paint more & chat less.

I START: I'll start my after-maturita-life by treating myself to a nice loooong soothing Thai massage. ^^

I FINISH: Physics, History, Biology & Chemistry this year!

I LOVE: When the sun is shining & all people are happily smiling. ^^

I REMEMBER: The days of my life by writing this blog & my diary.

Listening to: "Paradise" by Eddie. THANKS, JUSTINE!!! ^____^ *huuuge hugs* That boy rules, he's totally different from all the other K-pop stars & his English pronounciation is totally good. And the lyrics of this song...mmmm.... ^__^

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