Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Naaa-pi pi pi pi pi*!!!

* The Slovak way of calling hens to come out of their "house".

Today I successfully bought a nice, useless (I don't need it much), light beige shimmery Yves Rocher eyeshadow (called Blanc nacré) & a noir (black) YR Luminelle Mascara séparateur. I didn't even need that eyeshadows & to be honest, the Missha mascara I'm using now is still fine.

Btw, I'm fascinated by French. S speaks it, I suggest him teaching me & I'd be the happiest hen out there in this whole world, wahahaha. :P
Why, oh WHY have I taken up that español? T_T It was an extremely intelligent decision, especially now when I'm considering studying at Parsons Paris. Sigh. -_~

Kuci & I went to Polus today & OMP, we have realized that we really are hens. -_- :P

Baťa sells very VERY beautiful heels now. *greedy sigh*
I fell in love with the Miss Collection, especially with these silver heels with sparkling (!!!) front .

It looks so damn sexy & beautiful on me, uhhh, all men (incl. S, BYJ & Dong-Wook) would faint seeing me in that! Hahaha! TRY NOT TO LOVE IT. O_O
Someone buy me that. I need to be impressive. ^_~

Kuci bought herself one hoody, one t-shirt & one stripy top & then she was totally broke..hahah.. I bought only that eye shadow & mascara, but I've tried on like 56764 clothes (including 2 dresses).

In a while I'll go to the tailor nearby our house to give her my new white linen pants... They're too long.

Btw, btw, I LOVE shopping for guys' clothes, ILKKA BAIBEE, CAN I BUY YOU SOMETHONG???!!! *puppy dog eyes* *___*
Tell me your 5 most favourite colors, I'd love to buy you something! :D

Ugh. A hen entry full of blabbing. Better stop!

Listening to: "Violet" by Ryu
Yay!: No school this week! ^^
Grrr: Why am I such a hen? S-less somemore? ._.


Ilkka said...

You wanna buy somethong for ME?!? Really?
Thanks anyway baibee :D Many colours are ok, just not too colourful and glaring colours pls :P And if you will buy something, don´t buy anything too expensive!

Princess Mich said...


Yes, I wanna!!! :D
I LOVE men's clothes, wahaha, I'm crazy! :P

I'll get you a pink glittery tank top with a baby blue transparent lace, don't you worry, you'll be the sexiest ankka out there. XDDDDD

Ilkka said...

WOOHOO!!! That´s what I´ve always been hoping for but never been brave enough to ask for it! ;)

Princess Mich said...


*dies laughing*

I've always known that juu heev a GREIT FESHJON TEIST!!!!! XDDDD