Sunday, May 14, 2006

Bitchy Me Carries On

I can't seem to stop ranting these days. Ranting or complaining or wailing or teasing or attacking people. Haiyah. -_-

Topic of May 14th, 2006:

What's wrong with you men, that you can't tell straightly that you have a problem or you're sad?!

I was just talking to Mr. Wavy for few mins & throughout the whole chat he was very grim, silent & apparently down. When I told him that he sounds like that & asked him whether anything is wrong...he said "No, I'm fine". Ha! Like I'd believe him. -_~
It's interesting.
Before he was telling me so many nope.

I don't bite!!!!! I won't even kick your ass & laugh at you if you tell me what's going on!!!

The only one explanation of why he can't tell me what's going on is, that it's about me. That "kiss" wink in the end could mean it ME?! Man, I'm a closed chapter liao, it shouldn't be about me (But well, wavy haired creatures have always been mysterious).


Can I abruptly change onto another thing?

We've returned from Aupark now where I ate miso shiru (I have a certain feeling that it's the instant one sold in Korean grocery stores. If yes, the cooks are DEAD.) & other food inculding tempura & fried mee with vegetables & "8 gems" which is a mix of meat & etc.

I have one new t-shirt (with "Early Bird" written on it - and that's a lie! XD) & white linen trousers! :D Wahoooooooo~~~~ ^__^ Veeery pretty.

How come we, here in Slovakia don't have anything like Singaporeans have their Localbrand? O_o If I knew how to, I'd LOVE to establish a brand like that...something like a Slovak version of Localbrand. We Slovaks need to learn how to be proud of being Slovaks - so far we're proud of that only during the ice hockey world champs or when staring at tennis. ._. :P
*cough* Btw, if you love me, buy me some Localbrand t-shirt, they're so kool. *cough*

What about if I were designing t-shirts? ^^
For example this one, with a green lime leaf - i. e. a symbol of Slavs. "Be Proud", I know I know, it's in English but on the actual t-shirt I'd write it either in Slovak & under it in English or - this I like even more - in Slovak AND Russian under it!

Hohoo, it's so weird to design t-shirts with a Slavic/Slovak theme, especially when I use to say that Slovak nature is really beautiful but the people are a group of primitive villagers. =_= Strangle me, I know I deserve it.

My father was impressed with my photos! :D ^_____^ *proudly thrusts nanoboobs forth* He said that they're taken so likes such talking, suddenly me feels like a talented duck. ^^;;;

Talking about art.... I've found out that I'm afraid of contrasts! What do I mean by that, you ask?
When painting or making make-up (sounds anal) or even dressing up/choosing clothes, I always stick to those soft colors...never to something which contrasts a lot. Even when drawing/painting shadows I'm very scared to make them too deep & dark.
THIS MUST STOP ASAP. >_< style="font-weight: bold;">wild with colors, shadows, make-ups, clothes & blahblah. I don't care whether I'll (or my paintings) will look like after smoking too much weed! I don't care!!! I'm 17, I can & should have the fun NOW, not later in my 40s when I'm all saggy, flabby, wrinkly & worn out!!!! <------ Scary! x_x BTW!!!!!! I saw a bunch of Chinese today & two of them were staring at me rather mesmerized. *blushes* Ain't that kool? ^^ *"No, it ain't kool", says Ray angrily.* Muahahaha. My self-confidence has hopped, Chinese guys stare at me mesmerized! *_* ^^;;;; It's good to be a 1/4 Korean. Hihihihihi. *giggles like the biggest ah lian*

Irrelevantly... Do we have that Bio test tmr or no? O_o I hope we don't... it's 10.36pm now & I haven't studied yet.. =_= I'd better go do that... *sighhhhhh*

Listening to: "Real Luv Story" by Wheesung, Taebin & Se7en
Yay!: It was a nice day today. Me liked it. ^^
Grrr: I DON'T, I repeat, I DON'T want school tmr. >_< WHAT DO I HAVE TO PAY UP WITHOUT ANY MONEY:

  • art course - 1600Skk
  • contact lenses - 2000Skk
  • English books - 700Skk
Shit!!! Please, make money grow on trees!!!!

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