Monday, May 29, 2006

*Yawn* & *Yay!*

Weird title, isn't it??
I'm sorry, I have no creativity today cuz I'm darn tired after a very refreshing sleep which lasted hardly 4 hours. =_=

So there. *YAWN*


Jong Moon oppa emailed me today!!! ^____^ He was so sweet & was giving me advices about the rship. Oh was belated but what he said was true. And anyways, now he should send me Bae Yong Joon & I'd be happy. XD

Mmmmmmm, my sweetheart Yong Joon, WHO CAN RESIST HIM?!?!?!

I definately can't. *sigh of a maniac in love* ^^;;;;

Also we have our silly exhibition of our silly art works at our silly art course today - I'll take pics, I promised them to oppa anyways so then I'll post them here too. ^^
Don't laugh at my shitty paintings then!!!!!! I SUCK DUCK!!!!!! @_@

Well well.
Off shall I go to ah lian around a bit, I wanna apply a darker eyeshadow now & then take stuffs & go to Kika's as we're off to the exhibition together.

Listening to: "떠나지 마" AKA "Don't Leave" by the mega kool Shin Hye-Sung. ^^ I love him too - I love all Koreans!!!! HA! Okay, except of those fuckers in North Korean politics. Arrggghhh.
Yay!: The Bio test is over!!!!! MUAHA!!
Grrr: I'm so darn sleep-deprived. =_=

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