Friday, May 05, 2006

Boycott Chicken

I really love sweet & sour chicken (and any chicken actually)....except for today & the next century. Duh. I dunno why, but today I went to Bamboo Garden with K & UE, ordered sweet & sour chicken & felt awful by eating it. It actually smelled awfully to me. Like a corpse - and no one can deny that it is a corpse. BON APPETIT.
Oh my.
I dream about miso shiru!!!!! *greedy sniff*

And then.................pak choi & rice...mmmmm.....kimchi.......and after that.....some sushi.....aaaaahhhh... *___*


I can't stand all the meat anymore, it makes me sick. =_=

I wanted to cook my mangold leaves according to that yummy way but I can't cuz we don't have the oyster sauce - my mother threw it away few weeks ago. Sniff sniff. If I knew that I can buy it in the grocery store nearby, I'd go craving for it is unbearable! :P


Hubooby's bday gift for me has arrived today. ^^ I got a wonderful bright blue comfy cotton t-shirt by Hang Ten, super kool pink pen in a shape of hand with middle finger raised *very useful in school!* & Hell-No Kitty lil' wallet & hairclips. Wahahaha!!!! Saya CINTA these gifts!!!!! XD They're so kool, wahaha!!!!


Why are we the way we are? Why can't you accept & respect me for who I am? People don't change, you know. If you don't love *this* me....then you don't love me at all. Our relationship is enough difficult as it is with its 10 000km between us. Do we want to screw it up even more? You know what I want from you & I know what you want from me...however, knowing the certain thing & behaving according to it are two completely different things.
You're losing trust in me & that's kinda disappointing. My lovely Pom? Interesting. Tell me if you see another Pom that the one who's my good friend.

I know, this is yet another personal thing I'm posting up here. I'll tell you why am I doing it - I'm too proud to email this to you & putting it on my blog is the other way out; you maybe read it & maybe not. *sigh*
What has to happen, will.


Bae Yong Joon's smile is from HEAVEN, I swear it is!!!!!! *sigh* ^_______^ Oh, I think I wanna marry him. WAHAHA, okay! I'm kidding!!!! *it would be nice though*

Okay, I admit he looks retarded here but I still love him. Wahahaha. :P
Only why, oh why he looks so much like S....that's not healthy. <_< *frowns*
Fine, duckies. I'm off to re-watch Winter Sonata's Episode 9. Jung Yu-Jin & Lee Min-Hyung hugged in Ep. 8. Why can't we hug?! Like me & BYJ???? *sniff* WTF!!!!

OK, OK, kidding. Hahaha. I'm *a bit* retarded. XD

Listening to: "My Memory" by Ryu. I'm feeling very sentimental today....mmmm.....hehehe! ^^;;;;
Yay!: It's FRIDAY. ^_______^
Grrr: Us. ._. I dunno what to do anymore!!!
TASKS: REPLY TO ALL THE EMAILS TOMMORROW FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! Go buy the oyster sauce. Erase from your mind that BYJ looks like S - it's traumatizing!!!! Hihihi. LEARN SOME KOREAN. How can I live without knowing it?! Me, a quarter Korean? Not healthy. -_-

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