Tuesday, May 23, 2006

La Couronne Absurde

That's supposed to mean "crazy duck", according to my wise Czech-French online dictionary.
I'm either as tired or as absurde (or both) but I've turned on the French TV5 & I'm listening to it now, even though there's a political debate going on, with the incredibly funny French men discussing the topic "Politique: La democratie sans le peuple"(Politics: Democracy without the people).
Thank god I don't understand it. :P

It's a nice background, I feel like in a gay bar, hihihihiiiiii~~~~ XD

Congratz to me. I've dealt with one problem of mine & that's the R-one.
I've emailed Teresa & Chris asking them how is he & blahblah and telling them that I miss them (I do) & just..asking them many questions in general.
I wonder if they'll bother to reply.. ._. I also wonder WHAT will they reply. x_x Oh my. *shivers* @_@

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.
Tmr I'm off to school at 10.45am so WAHOOOO, LET'S DANCE!!!! I'm so happy!! I'll sleep until 9am! :D

The black color is already washing out & now I look very ridiculous with front of my hair ink black & the back rather brownish. =_=
C'est abominablement!

*slaps head in the most lah-di-dah manner & sigh heavily*

Eh, anyways. It's almost midnight & that means that if I try hard & fall asleep at 12pm sharp, I'll be sleeping for the beautiful, rare NINE HOURS & that's something as beautiful as I must not miss it. ^^

Your Sleeping Beauty Waiting For The Gentle Loving Beautiful Tender S's Kiss

Listening to: That political discussion in French. Muahaha. Bonjour, mon couronne erotique. Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?? C'est épastrouillant! XD
Yay!: NINE HOURS OF SLEEP!!! NINE!!!!! Yaaaaaay!!! *dances salsa while the birds are chirping with joy*
Grrr: R-stuff is partially well, but what about the bastard Tomas & the unattainable S????? O_o

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