Friday, May 19, 2006


Isn't this weird?? And great? :P

Today when I was in a cafeteria in Polus with Linda, I saw S passing by with his mom. I didn't see his face, only his side profile (all covered by his dark curly hair, haha) but I'm 99% sure that it was S. The way of dressing (neat, clean, classy and a bit sporty) & his hair - that was a total S.

For many months (or maybe 1 year already?) nothing & suddenly two days in a row of seeing him... Oooohhhh....
I wonder what's gonna happen next! O_o

I'd better watch out for bad hair days not to come (like today! -_- Thank God he didn't see me & in case he did, it was from far away) cuz I refuse to look awful in front of S. Duh.~


I've realized that Western horoscopes TOTALLY don't match me. The Chinese ones more or less do but the Western ones absolutely not. =_= I'm Pisces & the characteristics is totally unlike me!


Today I'm gonna dye my hair black. :D WAHOOOO!!!! That's gonna be FUN! :D I hope I won't look like that creature from The Ring. :P

Listening to: "Pride" by Se7en ft. Masta Wu
Yay!: S!!! Friday!! Black hair!!
Grrr: S has a gf & sadly, it's not me! <--- I'm pathetic, ignore me. -_~ I have no money & I wanna buy so many things...uhhh... =_=
WEEKEND PLANS: Probably go out with Linda to the park & Aupark or something. ^^

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