Monday, May 08, 2006

Logarithms Are Lethal

I've just returned from Piestany where my parents went to relax & I went to suffer. HAIYOOOH. I sense a severe discalculia here cuz really... I am so damn stupid... until now I don't understand it. It must be discalculia. *sigh* -_- Other people geddit, I don't. :P

After maturita I'll BURN all my notebooks! Wahoooo! ^_____^ I'll burn 'em all & then happily go waste 2000Skk on a 90min long traditional Thai massage at the Sabai centre at Laurinska street.

Aaaahhh, beautiful. ^^

Ray is at some heavenly beautiful Malaysian islands with family - darn, I envy him!!!! *_* ^^ I also wanna.... *sniff*
I also envy Chen (that guy from Bkk), his girlfriend from India came today to Thailand & doesn't plan to return back. No more long-d rship for him! Happy Chen. Got SANUK! ^^

Jong Moon oppa e-mailed me today! :D
YAY!!! ^^ He said he hopes to marry this year but I can't imagine married Jong Moon...hahaa..he's already 32 years old but anyways... Oh well, I wish I could attend his wedding in case he marries BUT I can't do so, unless money will start growing on trees or fall from the sky or something.

I know that this entry is VERY random, I apologize.

I miss S!!!!! I seriously miss him!!!! WTF!!!! How can I miss a creature which is completely *ahem* & thinks about me that I'm a complete *ahem* as well?! I seriously am abnormal. >_> Thank Almighty Duck that my crush on him is not returning cuz that'd be a complete disaster. *slaps head*

I'm going to have a MEAT-LESS WEEK.
No more meat, not even a 6 micrograms, it makes me sick. @_#

Eh, I should stop blabbing here, it has no head no tail & go watch Episode 12 of Winter Sonata. I miss drooling over BYJ! *Okay, I have his pics in my cellphone but, still~ ^^*

OH, BTW!!!!!! O_O
My English essay has gotten into the whole-Slovakia-round!!!! *gasp* O_O I'd never expect SUCH a thing to happen - esp cuz after choosing my topic I was staring at the blank paper for long 5 mins not knowing at all what to write. Hehehe! :P

Listening to: "Perhaps Love" by HowL
Yay!: I'm happy that oppa emailed me. ^^
Grrr: Got a test from LOGARITHMS tmr. Die die!!!! @_#

  • miso shiru
  • steamed baby kailaan/pak choi & jasmine rice
  • kimchi
  • wheat grass drink
  • all above served by (topless ?) Choi Dong Wook or Bae Yong Joon or both - and they'll both bring me a bouquet of English tea roses
  • all above done on the patio of my future bungalow with mahogany floor & elegant white kitchen with orchids which is located on a Thai seashore with swaying emerald green palm trees
Yeah! I'm SO MODEST!!!!!!!! XD


Ilkka said...

Good luck with the logaritms baibee!
And congratulations for having your English essay whole-Slovakia-round :D Now you´re famous! :D

Princess Mich said...

Hah baibee, THANKS!!!! :D
I don't think I'm exactly famous but ok....hahaaa..

Those logarithms will be written on another date so I'll die a bit later. Duh~