Monday, May 01, 2006

Curly-Haired Confessions

Hullo, my lads. *waves from Bratislava*

Today I'm full of memories so I shall tell you a story about myself & a guy on whom I had an endless crush for at least 4 freaking years of my life.
Don't think of Mr. Anupong. No, no, he is (was) WAVY-HAIRED but not CURLY-HAIRED! Curly-haired confessions are about someone else!
But before I start...I'll tell you a dream I had and you won't understand it at first and only after you read my story, you'll know how ridiculous & funny it is.

The dream went like this:
It was a warm June afternoon and I was sitting in my usual trolleybus No. 203 & going home. I was deep in thought of something - actually I was thinking of the ol' good days of me meeting S in 203 - and I was wishing he could appear there once again.

As if the Almighty Duck heard my wish, suddenly S appeared in front of me, but I somehow overlooked that it's him & thought it's my half-brother Tomas. I had his *ahem* in front of me clothed in his usual black jeans & he was also wearing that ridiculous khaki green t-shirt as always.
He asked me something (I forgot what already) & I replied something like "Hiii Tomas! *Blahblahblah* No, or yes? No?" (makes a total sense XD) and patted his ribs. *cough so silly* Only then I looked up & saw S standing in front me with a soft smile on his lips. I was in a rather big shock & in my mind appeared: "WTF!!! Darn, he's so handsome!!!! Even more than before! *gasp* Those wise dark eyes with black eyelashes hidden behind the cute glasses! Aah! That smooth olive skin & those lips and nose! That smile! O_O *_* But that hair..ugh ahahahaha!"
I was looking up at him wondering what is this all about. The bus stop where he gets off was drawing nearer & before he had to get off he looked straight into my eyes in a rather flirty manner, smiled broadly & finally left the trolleybus.
I was blushing from head to toes & in my mind appeared another big words: "OHHHH, what if he LIKES you?! What if?!?! Oooohhh, can't he ASK YOU OUT?!?!"
My way home in 203 went on and then I woke up.

Hihihihihiiiiiiii~~~~ *laughs stupidly at the mere thought of S asking her out*

I'll NOT call him here even by his nickname we gave him cuz in case he has nothing to do & googles it (he knows about the nick) and FINDS THIS BLOG, then HALLELUJAH TO ME!!!!!!!!! *drops dead*
I've had enough emmbarrasing situations with him already. #_@'''''
Let's just say that his nickname is derived from the word "sacharide" in Slovak. *ahem*. Chemical nicks & names ruleeee, right Justine? :P ^_~

Let me now come to the story itself.... *memories oh memories*

I was a little girl maybe 11 years old & with my friend K with decided to go to Mc Donald's in the downtown before heading to the art course.
I wanted to buy a menu & stood in the row with kinda little people in it. Then.... *dramatical pause* I looked to my right.
And WAH!!!! O_O
In the right row there stood a boy, 15 yrs old (maybe), who seemed like the most handsome creature in this big universe I've EVER, EVER seen.
My heart started to pound crazily and I was staring at him non-stop, hypnotized by his looks.

The boy had a smooth olive complexion, round glasses with thin frames, a pair of hazel eyes behind it, thick dark curly hair, funny round cheeks, pretty lips and a nice tall toned body with broad shoulders & very pretty hands.

(Btw, this pic is made by me & it's a VERY WELL DONE almost-caricature of S! Wahahaha! He looked almost like this. A bit less weird but still 90% like this pic. XD Face almost like here & better body. I wonder what I saw at him for all those 4 years. Haha. *slaps head*)

"OHHH!!!!", I squealed silently, mesmerized, "HE'S SO HANDSOME!!! *___*"

That was the day when I incurably fell in love.

I was hoping to see HIM someday again....and to my amazement, I met him the next day in my school!!!! O_O You can imagine how freakishly happy I was. :P

Whenever I saw him I was all getting hot & trying to look at him without him knowing and noticing my loving stares...we know it, right? Gila. :P

One fine day me & all my classmates were walking to our class No. 212 from the PE gyms and of course I was thinking about S.
Then I saw him standing ALONE by the school buffet & could do nothing better than shout loudly around the whole entrance hall:
"OH! It's him! That one by the buffet! That one whom I loooooove so much!!!!!!! *______*"
That was the Embarrassment No. 1. One of my biggest...hahhahah.... Imagine that.... Only he himself by the school buffet standing peacefully - and OMG! suddenly some little mad kid starts to shout something about loving him! *drops dead*
Poor little S. XD Poor me as well - he has noticed that it was ME shouting that! *dies*

Few months passed and my love was him was still burning. I went to school even when I was feeling ill just cuz I didn't want to miss the mere chance of seeing him. Such a motivation. XD

It was interesting how my crush for S behaved. :D

The 1st year I saw him I was MADLY in love with him.
The next year I thought that's he looks funny, he's stupid & cocky but I always paid attention to him anyways. By "paying attention" I mean noticing him whenever he moved.

The 3rd year I had a crush on him again. XD
By that time, of course, he has grown up into an even taller, weirder looking creature but what I liked at him - nose & eyes - was even better.

The 4th year I again thought that he's stupid, cocky & funny looking and because he was graduating from my school I was constantly telling my friends that "school without S is no fun!"

I've emmbarrassed myself in front of him for 468889643 times but I particularly remember the time when I lost a bet & I had to - hold your feathers - pinch his butt.
You hear it right! *dies laughing* PINCH HIS BUTT!!!! XD Poor little me & poor little S.
He was standing by the buffet with his best friend whom we called "Sour Cabbage" (don't ask but it was my idea! XD).
I came to him & told him: "Eh...hi. Are you tolerant, have a good sense of humor & are you polite? Cuz I've lost a bet & I have to pinch your butt!!!!!"
Sour Cabbage started to laugh his head off & S looked at me as if I was retarded (I was!) and said: "Ahem, I think you should leave it like that."
How polite & sweet, right? Wahaha! S is a well-mannered boy, he wouldn't kick my ass. XD

(It was my friend D who pinched his butt few months later & S thought it was me - I was laughing uncontrollably on the bench - but then he saw D with her hand still waving around his butt & said in a resigned voice: "Ehm, well, I think I'm leaving already~")

OH MY. *laughs uncontrollably at the memories*

I sometimes wonder HOW would it be if I actually gained the courage to ask S out. Wahaha. I guess that if we've started to date, we'd be THE WEIRDEST, MOST RIDICULOUS COUPLE ever!!! XD
Unlike Justine who at least knows G, I've never known S in person. Haiyooooh! I was always too shy to talk to him & all.....but once I've made up my mind and decided to ask him out after my classes. I've never done that though for the same thing - I was too shy!!!!

I know his full name, I know that his father is an architect (wow, impressive), I even know his brother (!) & I know where probably he lives. I don't know him though. I even don't have a darn pic of him!!!! Wahaha.

Who knows what madness besets my friend K but she's trying to persuade me that me & S are meant to be together.
@_@ *slaps head & laughs* UGHHHHHHH! She's really mad!!!! XD I told her that if we're meant to be together, we'll meet in Thailand on Xmas. Mwahaha. XD

I've just remember another thing...... *ehehe*
I went to the school buffet (yes, again! :P) to buy some drink & there I saw HIM. I remember that I was clothed all in white - white capri pants & white sleeveless top with a very nice sparkling pattern in front - cuz I wanted to look neat & clean (cuz of S of course). Bwaha! I did my best to come as close as possible to S and when he dropped some coins accidentally I came even nearer so my skinny shaved legs could "accidentally" brush against his body.
Ahahaha!!!!! XD
In case you're now imagining how he looked up lovingly & smiled at me you're WRONG.
In fact he picked up the coins & muttered angrily: "Hey people, do you really have to jam everywhere?!?"
And then his friend told him: "Heey [first name], come on!"

This was the time when I've got to know his first name as well. It's utterly boring & typically Slovak....even though he doesn't look Slovak at all.

In fact, he looks like Bae Yong Joon in the last episode of Winter Sonata!!!!!! *gasp* (there BYJ looked VERY weird)

See this pic????
Well, S has lips like that, glasses almost like that (if he hadn't changed them), cheeks like that & even nose like that!!!!!!

His eyes are different & his hair is different too. I can't decide whether having a different hair is worse or better though.....hahaha....cuz both BYJ (in the last episode) & Sachi have damn funny & terrible hair. XD

I'm SURE that S isn't a Korean though....I would've noticed that in the very 1st second of seeing him in Mc Donald's. :P


Well my kids, the messy story of Sachi & me is drawing to its end.
Until this day I remember that boy for one simple reason - he's UNFORGETTABLE!!!! XD
Me, K, & UE regard him as our MUSE. Bwahaha. Poor him!!!! If he knew!!!!!! O_O *dies laughing*

The last time I saw him was...well....on the bus stop last year I guess. He looked ridiculous as ever, dressed neatly in his fave khaki green & black, guitar on his shoulder & curly hair flying around his mega-cheeks in a chilly autumn wind.
I looked at him, suppressed my laughter (he as well) & walked towards my father's flat, remembering all the unforgettable experiences concerning him & me. Mwahaha.

This would make a pretty end to the curly-haired confessions, wouldn't it???? ^^

I still wish we would meet one day. Heck, I want a photo of him!!!! Haha!


Listening to: "Cloud Nine" by psy. I LOVE Korean hip hop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yay!: I'm going to rewatch Winter Sonata RIGHT NOW. Gila. :P
Grrr: School tmr....
MUST DO: Email to Hanafi, ducky sis, Gou & Mr. Chew. Study Maths!!!

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I tried to leave a comment here yesterday, but for some reason I couldn´t. Anyway, I was just telling that this story of yours about S was quite interesting :DD It was like a plot from some movie. :P Duck on!