Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Random Quack No. 7824751, 2185175, 1875

So today was a VERY useless day. *yawn*

After a sleepless night I went to school on 8am but I was in front of it before 7.30am. There I got to know that I'm supposed to be in front of cinema Hviezda (Star) at freaking 9am so I behaved sensibly (finally) and went for a nice cuppa of black Assam tea at Coffee & Co. ^^
There I was sitting...sipping my tea...reading LOTR II....sipping...watching people rushing to work...examining women's heels & clothes and noticing happily that Bratislava is finally becoming a multi-cultural city with the increasing number of Afro-Americans & Asians. Very nice. Me likes. ^^ It makes me feel like in EUROPE, not in a lil' post-communist country in the ass of the world. Mwaha. ^^

We (the school) went on a STUPID movie by Jan Svankmajer called "Alice". Oh. Never again. =_= I don't like Svankmajer, he's so.....disgusting!!!!! *ewww* Awful, disgusting movie. *bleh*

Aiyooh, anyways..... TOMMORROW I have a freaking MATHS TEST so I think I'll die (and study). @_@ Shit shit shit shit. Before the actual studying I MUST re-watch Episode 2 from Winter Sonata cuz looking at BYJ makes me feel good. Wahahaha. XD
Me is abnormal, that's a sure thing! :P ^^;;;;;

Listening to: "2 Become 1" by Spice Girls. Ha! Don't laugh!!!!! GIIIRRRLLLL POWEEERRR!!! :D
Yay!: Tmr will be 42 schooldays left until the beautiful summer holidays.
Grrr: MATHS! *drops dead* At 0th class!!!!! @_#

  • "Stairway To Heaven" or anything similarly sentimental, romantic & beautiful.
  • Pic of S
  • Like 6000Skk for my expenses. I'm fuckin broke! Aaaaahhhh!!!! I'm really like Pom, always broke!!!! We two must be siblings!!! *slaps head*
  • A dress for summer.
  • Go to Koh Samet with Mr. Anupong. WTF, I wanna go too, he has asked me whether I wanna join him for like 5 times already - he likes to torture me! *sssssnnnnniiiiiffff* And Ray is going to some islands too!!! Aaaaahhh!!!!! DIE DIE!!!! WTF AM I STILL DOING HERE IN SLOVAKIAAAAA???????

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