Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My house

I've seen the link at ducky sis' blog, so TERIMA POOPSIH!!!! ^___^

Based on your drawing and the 10 answers you gave this is a summary of your personality:
Your house tells the world that you ought to be a leader.
(Me? *gasp* Weird!) You are a freedom lover and a strong person. You are shy and reserved. If you've drawn a cross on each of windows, you always want to live alone. (*nods to all*) You are very tidy person. (WAHAHAHA!!!! Totally! XD) There's nothing wrong with that because you're pretty popular among friends. Your life is always full of changes.

You will avoid being alone and seek the company of others whenever possible. You love excitement and create it wherever you go. You have a strong personality and you like to command, influence and control people.
(I hate commanding & controlling!!! I agree with the rest though.)

You added a flower into your drawing. The flower signifies that you long for love. It also safe to say that others don't see you as a flirt. You don't think much about yourself.
(Very true!)

It's VERY accurate actually! O_O *gasp*
Interesting, isn't it? ^^

Listening to: nothing
Yay!: Tmr I'm gonna pick up the gift from hubooby & tmr we also have NO CLASSES.
Grrrr: That fucking Maths test WASN'T today & I woke up at 6am for shitty nothing. >_< Arrrgghhh.
CURRENTLY FEELING: Very very very very bored & rather tired. The only cure is Winter Sonata, really. Hehe.

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